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Are YOU ready to unleash
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of YOUR body?

Health is your greatest wealth and the body’s amazing ability to heal itself is one of our greatest assets. All parts and systems of our miraculous body are designed to work together, and in order to achieve optimum health, the body must be treated as a whole unit. This includes not only all of our physical body systems but our energetic systems as well (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).

Our ultimate goal should be beyond balance, as balance requires equal amounts of opposites on either side: positive / negative; light / dark; good / bad; abundance / lack, etc.  Our ultimate goal should be Harmony.  When we live in Harmony and learn to flow with life, negative experiences will have less impact on us because we will be able to maintain Harmony.

When the body is in Harmony, the natural healing power of the body takes over and amazing results will occur.

We invite you to think beyond the physical body and understand that even though it is the one we tend to pay most attention to, it is simply a reflection of the true health of the rest of our being.

Let us help you experience the power of whole body healing ~ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

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...of being in control of your health - Although health should be one of our first priorities, in our busy lives it ends up being one of our last.  But if YOU don't make your health and your family's health a priority, who will?  When it comes to health, we have become a reactive society -- when we experience a symptom, we run to the store for an over-the-counter solution or to the doctor for a quick 'fix'.  We have given up control of our health for the ease and convenience of modern medicine.  We need to learn to trust the body's intelligence and listen to what it is telling us. We need to take control and be responsible for our health.  It's really quite simple. 

There are three main steps to being in control of your health:

1.  Accept Responsibility – To whom have you given the responsibility for your health?  A doctor?  A drug company?  A company who makes over-the-counter remedies to ease your symptoms?  Is it a combination of them?  Or, do you just leave your health up to chance?  Until you accept that the responsibility for your health is yours and yours alone, it is impossible to achieve wellness.  The first step is to accept that everything you do, every choice you make, tips the scale either towards better health – or towards illness and disease.  Accepting responsibility is the beginning of achieving wellness.  aah…Experience the power of responsibility.

2.   Acquire Knowledge – Once you have chosen to take responsibility for your health, the next step is to acquire the knowledge on how to achieve wellness.  When we think of wellness, we tend to think of it in the physical realm.  However, wellness also includes mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.  Each of these three affects our physical health, and in turn, our physical health affects these three.  Thus, total health includes a balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

There are many natural health care products and techniques available that can balance the body and help you achieve total health.  You must make an effort to acquire the information that is right for you.  You have to want to educate yourself and make the time to do so. 

Knowledge is power, but the source of the information is important.  Is the source backed by big money?  Is the source just trying to get you to purchase their product?  Or does the source truly have your health as an objective?  Many things that we have been told are good for our health can actually be very detrimental.  Instead of taking someone else’s word for what’s good for you, take the time to educate yourself. 

Knowledge is invaluable.  The more you know, the less you have to rely on others.  All About Health is committed to providing educational opportunities to help you acquire the knowledge you need to be in control of your health. The more you know, the more power you have to take control of your health and to make your health a priority. aah...Experience the power of knowledge.

3.  Take Action – The third step to achieve health and wellness is to take action.  Action can include taking some time each day to read health-related information, attend a health & wellness class, research a product, be selective on your food choices, increase your water intake, or exercise.  The key is to take some action every day.  aah...Experience the power of action.

The condition of your body today is based on every choice you’ve made from the time you came into creation until now.  The path to your current state of health was not immediate, and the path toward health and wellness will take time.  Beginning with these steps will put you well on your way towards health and wellness. 

Let us help you experience the power of being in control of your health!





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